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Jaydeep Industries
Established in 1976, as a small factory, Jaydeep Industries has been a specialist in weaving accessories for over 20 years. Its 'SWASTIK' brand Wire Healds is a household name in Indian Textile Industries due to maintenance of superior quality. 

In addition, imported excellent raw materials from Malaysia, Switzerland, perfect smoothness and accurate dimensions, precise tolerance and weights contribute to meeting your exact requirements.
In short span of 20 years, the overwhelming close co-operation from Dealers and customers response has transformed our company into one of the leading manufacturers of textile weaving accessories in India. 

We Have established a sizeable market for our products of
'SWASTIK' brand Wire Healds and 'SSI' brand all types of METAL REEDS including channel and stainless steel reeds manufactured by Shree Sainath Industries.  

In fast moving world, the current introduction of Nickel Plated Wire Healds with modern techniques  will give Jaydeep Industries the possibility to equip even faster weaving machines and to meet the new requirments of its customers spread over India and Abroad.

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