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Jaydeep Ind
The Moto of a Company established in India way back in 1976 - Reliability, Consistent Quality & After Sales Service - has driven to a high degree of "SWASTIK" Brand-Loyalty of its product "WIRE HEALDS" - widely used in the Weaving Industries of Textile Engineering.

The usage of Imported raw Material from MALAYSIA, JAPAN & SWITZERLAND has created tremendous confidence amongst the valued customers on the product quality for the past 23 years. The modern machinery & equipment have further strengthen the image of the company. Today the company can boast of the leading Manufacturers of WIRE HEALDS in the country.

Twin Twisted & Inserted Twin Twisted Wire Healds with BRACKER - Switzerland Mail Eyes in a vide size-range are being manufactured in Millions every month.

Electro-Nickel Plated Wire Healds are also manufactured in the Factory on its Modern Plating Plant.